Cash Management Services

Sometimes, there just isn’t time to visit a branch for things like making deposits or processing payroll. That’s where Wyoming Community Bank’s Cash Management solution comes into play. We offer several solutions through our Cash Management system to help you run more efficiently.


Online Banking Learn More Here

• Review detailed account activity and real time balances
• Transfer between accounts to manage cash flow changes
• Set up multiple users with individual privileges
• Electronically move money using ACH
• Fraud Mitigation


ACH Services

• You can save money by eliminating postage, envelopes,  and check printing
• Minimize the time it takes for banking and account reconciliation
• Enhance security by reducing the chance of lost or stolen checks
• Payments are taken and arrive on the date specified for enhanced cash flow tracking


Online Bill Pay Learn More Here

• You can pay bills electronically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Accept electronic bills
• Use it for one-time payments or reoccurring monthly billing
• Add payees or merchants anytime
• You can set up multiple users and dual control


Electronic Statements Learn More Here

• Businesses that are enrolled in Online Banking, can enjoy the convenience of accessing their statements online anytime, with quicker delivery than waiting for the statement  to arrive in the mail
• They look exactly like paper statements, including your images and you can access statements for up to 12 months.