EMV Debit Cards

EMVWe added a chip to give you enhanced security.

If you’re a Wyoming Community Bank customer, you will be receiving new chip enabled (EMV) debit cards in mid-June. Your current debit card will continue to work until June 20, 2016, so make sure to check your mail and activate your new card right away.  The new EMV cards will give you enhanced security to protect against fraud and will be treated differently at EMV enabled merchants and ATMs.

To make a purchase or ATM withdrawal with your new card:
1. Insert the chip portion of the card into the reader or ATM with the chip facing up.
2. Leave your card in the reader or ATM.
3. Follow the prompts on the screen.
4. Remember to take your card after your transaction is finished.

Not all merchants and ATMs will have a chip enabled reader. No problem. Swipe your card.


What is a chip enabled card (EMV)?
Chip cards make in-person transactions more secure. Every transaction that uses the chip includes a one-time code. This prevents stolen data from being fraudulently used to make a counterfeit card. The acronym EMV is a technical standard for smart payment cards that stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa. These three companies originally created the technical standard for chip cards.

Can my chip card’s information be stolen using a wireless scanner or smart phone?
No, this type of theft only applies to cards that have wireless capabilities. Wyoming Community Bank’s chip cards do not include these capabilities (RFID and NFC). Cards that include this technology allow customers to wave their card over the merchant’s terminal to make a payment. Our chip cards require you to insert and leave the card in the terminal to complete a transaction.

Does my chip card store and record any additional personal information?
No, the microchip embedded in the card only stores information required to authenticate, authorize, and process transactions. Most of this is the same type of account information already stored in the magnetic stripe.

More detailed information can be found here.


Please take a moment and read the following about our new fraud protection service!

Wyoming Community Bank has also engaged a professional fraud monitoring service for your debit card transactions. This is available to us through our card processor and provides many services to help keep your accounts and information safe.

You may receive a call from the “The Transaction Review Department” on behalf of ”Wyoming Community Bank”. This service will call and leave a message on the phone number(s) that you have provided to us in the event the monitoring service has detected one or more transactions that seem unusual or have the potential of being fraudulent. If you receive a message you will be asked to call the toll free number left on the message. This service is available 24 hours 7 days a week including holidays. When calling back you will be asked to provide the phone number where the message was left and to verify your first and last name. They will not ask for any personal information and they will never ask for your card number social security number or PIN number.

When working with a Transaction Review Department analyst please keep in mind that they must speak  directly to the cardholder whose name appears on the card. They only work with individual cards and will ask to speak to the individual card holder. Please understand that this is done to protect your information and to ensure the accuracy of the review with the analyst.

Wyoming Community Bank believes that the protection of your account and information is our primary duty to you.